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What we do and how can we help you?

We enable founders to focus on the most critical aspect of a venture - the product - and not the process of assembling the product team. Building a development process, hiring and managing a team, choosing the right tools and technology stack - all of this decreases time2market, but most importantly it takes away the most valuable asset: your time.

We take the responsibility for delivering your product in fixed time and budget, but we can also invest seed capital to become your real business partner.


TEONITE Venture Builder in short.

  • 10 years of experience in delivering projects/products for movie studios, telecoms, VCs and Production companies
  • Biggest project delivered: 2 million USD
  • Expert team of over 25 full-stack senior developers
  • Biggest Venture build: 5 million EUR in evaluation

Members of our team worked with brands like:

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Wojciech Kozicki

WellServed, VP

Professionals, fast learners and most importantly - doers. They are ambitious, hungry for knowledge and not afraid to try new things. This is the perfect recipe for good technological business partner.

Samuli Koski-Lammi

Qvistorp, CEO

TEONITE have provided us with vast technical support and necessary knowledge in the process of creating our core tools. Over the years, they have repeatedly delivered high quality solutions that our clients expected. Their team of developers and designers has always been up to the task and assisted Qvistorp when needed.

Tomasz Piwoński

Arastradero, CEO

We always wanted to work with a software company that is ambitious to go beyond current standards and reliable to ensure stability of our business. After months of partnership with TEONITE we know they are this type of company.

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